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Petrina Bosiak says walking her dog is one of the simple pleasures that brings her joy. - MARIO BARTEL/NEWSLEADER
Petrina Bosiak says walking her dog is one of the simple pleasures that brings her joy.

Joy springs from love. “Things” may bring fleeting moments of happiness, but in the end they just leave you wanting more. The joy of caring for others is beautifully, wonderfully enough.

—Briana Tomkinson


For me, Joy at Chrismas—and all year—is all about family. Having them safe, healthy, happy and around to enjoy over the holiday season!

—Stephen Bruyneel


Joy can never be packaged, it comes with simple life interaction like your children... walking your dog in crisp cold weather, baking cookies... all free and joyful.

—Petrina Bosiak


What brings me joy? Spending time making something for someone I love (usually this involves spinning and knitting), thinking of them the whole time, and then giving it to them. The best part is if they really like what I made them and if they parade around in it!

—Reena Meijer Drees


Joy is my memories of all my Christmases past, and looking forward to many more in the future. Especially fond is the memory of the the looks and smiles on my parents’ faces when we kids gave our gifts to them. Simple, not costly but from the heart, and saved for all year. Every Christmas adds to my fond memories, and this year will be another one to fondly remember.

Merry Christmas to all.

—Mayor Wayne Wright


Joy is coming home and having a home to come to. Joy is being able to help animals in distress. Joy is a good movie and popcorn with extra butter. Joy is sharing uproarious laughter with good friends. Joy is walking out of the dentist office. Joy is a good friend of mine.


—Lorrie Williams

city councillor


Joy means seeing the beautiful smiles on the faces of our children Zoe, Joshua, Noah and Oliver, and to spend quality time all together every day of the year.

—Eric & Juliana Vallee


A number of years ago our one of our daughters insisted we go to Holy Trinity church on Christmas Eve. We start out the evening with a feast of my famous Cricket Café Clam Chowder. This family tradition, branded Chowder and Church, brings joy to our family which now has grown to include seven granddaughters and one grandson.

—John Ashdown


Every day brings its joy. When my back doesn’t ache, I have the joy of painless movement. If my back is aching, I have the joy of knowing that my ailment is a minor irritation and I can still move around, something that many others cannot claim. I get joy from seeing the young children, knowing that they will be better stewards of our country just as we are looking after the earth better than our parents. I get joy knowing that our society is getting less sectarian and more rational. I get joy from being on the green side of the grass.

—Robert Granewall


My pack and my clients bring me joy. There isn’t a day that I don’t wake up in the morning and say “oh I don’t want to work today.” I get up at 5:30 and can’t wait to greet my first client and their dog. Dogs give me joy, especially ones that have made some amazing changes since being with my pack! I also am so joyful for my clients for being so supportive of my business in the past seven years and putting their trust in me to take care of their little furbabies.


—Lisa Marie,

Playful Puppy Palace



Of late, a number of male friends have had heart problems and have been served so very well at Royal Columbian Hospital. We value our friends at this time of the year and recognize the definitive moments when a world-class health care institution called Royal Columbian can take care of such problems. Our friends are safe and we are so happy.

—Rick Carswell


New West Arts Council

The most significant joy in my life came from simply letting go. My family and I lost family members and friends through a succession of years and Christmas brought empty chairs to the dinner table. Although loved ones are remembered, it was after we let them go and we embraced the joy we shared that life opened with an abundance of possibilities.

—Vivian Garcia


Joy to me at Christmas is knowing that my family members and close friends are all in good health—and there are no rumblings of a World War III on the horizon between any of them!

—Maureen Parks


Constructing my art book Christmas Tree while drinking hot chocolate as the sun sets behind layers of blue-gray clouds brings me Joy.

—Richard Armstrong


Speaking of joy, I want to take this opportunity to thank my wife Evelyn for the profound joy I feel at the very thought of her. But Joy can be found in the ordinary everyday things of life too: the smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree; the sound of children laughing; the touch of a loving hand; the sight of an impossible sunset. Come to think of it, perhaps the truest measure of success in life is the amount of joy we experience along the way.

—Don Benson


With all due respect to Sartre, Joy is other people. Whether sitting around a big dinner table at Christmas, crowding bar space during a playoff game, or sharing turns in a paceline on a long bike ride, nothing makes me happier that to be amongst a group of people, spending time together. I love to listen to people telling their stories, laughing, arguing, sharing ideas. It’s all about learning and building bonds.

—Patrick Johnstone


I own three horses. My moments of joy come when I sit quietly and watch them move beautifully over the ground, ears listening and eyes soft. Or, when I watch my daughter ride and see her find that perfect partnership between horse and rider. Or, when I ride and learn something new. Sometimes I have to work really hard to remember the joy when I pay the horse bills.


—Lynda Fletcher-Gordon


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