Playground of the Gods

  • posted Jun 7, 2011at 12:00 AM

Most who live on Canada's West Coast are familiar with totem poles, but atop Burnaby Mountain is a collection of carved poles unlike any other in B.C.

Named Playground of the Gods, this exhibition was created by Nuburi Toko, a renowned sculptor of the Ainu people, and his son Shusei Toko. The Ainu are Japan's aboriginal people who inhabited the northern island of Hokkaido.

The poles tell an Ainu story of people, gods and creatures living together on the Earth in peace and harmony.

Burnaby is home to a proud heritage

  • posted Jun 7, 2011at 12:00 AM

Burnaby has a proud heritage as one of B.C.'s pioneer settlements. The city is named after Robert Burnaby , the private secretary to Colonel R.C. Moody of the Royal Engineers who founded the colony's first capital city, New Westminster.

Robert Burnaby led a survey party with local aboriginal guides to explore the wilderness surrounding Burnaby Lake in 1859. Today, the lake is named in his honour.

Two cities share a proud heritage

  • posted Jun 7, 2011at 12:00 AM

Burnaby and New Westminster share a proud history as a couple of B.C.'s pioneer settlements.

Discover Burnaby's heritage

  • posted Jun 7, 2011at 12:00 AM

Deer Lake Park is Burnaby 's best-preserved heritage precinct.

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